composer, performer, musician

Alexandra Nilsson / Solovkina is a composer and performer based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Her work stretches between sound art, noise, electronica and free improvisation. She mainly composes and performs with trumpet or other objects and live-electronics. Lyrical as well as brutal, minimalist and maximalist, organic and non-organic, she creates both order and chaos.

With a background in jazz and folklore, rhythm and improvisation are important elements of her work and performance. The interaction and borderland between acoustic and electronic sound worlds is also of great interest to her. In 2010 she got her Masters Degree in composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Her Master focused on music for film and she is interested in interactions between sound and image and narrative aspects.
She has composed music for theatre and film, as well as chamber ensembles and jazz bands.

She has various collaborations including:

SISTERLOOPS – performative sound art and noise duo with stage artist Marie Gavois
SHAPES OF SOUNDS – audiovisual duo with visual artist Jenny Soep
RADIO TWO – duo with trumpeter Susana Santos Silva

She is a board member of SKAP, (Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) and STIM.
Member of FST, (Society of Swedish Composers) and Fylkingen, (an artists´ society and the main scene of experimental music and intermedia art in Stockholm since 1933) and Konstmusiksystrar. She works on a regular basis at EMS, (Elektronmusikstudion) the center for Swedish electroacoustic music and sound art.

2008-2010 Master´s Degree in filmscoring at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm.
2005-2008 Bachelor´s Degree in Jazz composition at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm.
2002-2004 Instituto Superior de Arte, Havanna, Cuba. Music studies.
1998-2000 Fridhems Folk High School. Studies in jazz and composition.
1995-1998 Södra Latins Music College, Stockholm.

Grants and Scholarships
2019 Swedish Arts Council 30 000 SEK. Commission by Stockholms Wind Orchestra in collaboration with Konstmusiksystrar.
2018 Musikverket 96 200. Shapes of Sounds workshop project.
2018 Swedish Arts Grants Committee 50 000. Working Grant.
2017 Swedish Arts Grants Committee 80 000. Collaboration project with Susana Santos Silva
2016 FST 50 000. Composers´ scholarship.
2016 Helge Axelsson Johnsons Stiftelse 15 000 SEK. Composers´ scholarship.
2014 Langemanska Kulturfonden 20 000 SEK. Collaboration project with Marie Gavois.
2013 Musikverket 100 000 SEK. For Composers Collective Tonmakeriet.
2012 Swedish Arts Council 30 000 SEK. Commission for Stockholms Saxophone Quartet.
2009 STIM 25 000 SEK. Composers´ scholarship.
2009 Byggnads Kulturstipendium 15 000 SEK. Composers´ scholarship.
2009 Sandrews stipendium 30 000 SEK. Composers´ scholarship.
2008 Helge Axelsson Johnsons Stiftelse 20 000 SEK. Composers´ scholarship.
2008 Cedergrens uppfostringsfond 10 000 SEK. Composers´ scholarship.
2008 Kungliga Musikhögskolan 5000 Scholarship from The Royal College of Music.
2007 SKAP 40 000 SEK. Composers´ scholarship.
2002 Gålöstiftelsen 12 000 SEK. Composers´ scholarship.