composer, sound artist, performer



14, 28 of July, 4 of August
Limestone concert in installation FOSSIL and seminar with geolog Jan Mikaelsson
@ Himmelsberga, Museum of Öland. (Seminars in Swedish). Link to FB event.

24 June – 31 August 2023
FOSSIL as an interactive sound installation at Himmelsberga, Museum of Öland.
In collaboration with programmer Fredrik Olofsson.

1 june 2023
Shapes of Sounds audiovisual concert / work in-progress show of the project Dark:Light Explorations
A project aimed for dark underground places. Presentation @ Fylkingen.

12 May 2023
Premiere of Lina Palmgrens work “Dansar arkivet”. Sound design and composition commissioned
by Lina Palmgren and Svenskt Visarkiv. Presentation @Scenkonstmuseet, (Swedish Museum for Performing Arts)

3-5 May 2023
Performance of electroacoustic composition for dancer and performer Valentina Parravicini´s work
“From this comes”. Produced by DOCH, presentations at WELD, Stockholm.

25 February 2023
FOSSIL Stockholm premiere for new live set for limestone, sandstone and electronics,
at Fylkingen, also with performance by Pierce Warnecke. Tickets & info.

15 December 2022
SOLOVKINA performing Mariachi Trash at the opening of the intervention of the art collective
Hysterix, curated and organised by La Dekoloniala and Hysterix at Konthall C.

14 December 2022
Receiving the STIM composers grant 2022 @STIM.

28 November 2022
Release concert @ KMH (Royal College of Music) for the album RADIO TWO.
Released 14th of October on SUPERPANG. Susana Santos Silva- trumpet, me – electronics.
Buy it here!

19 November 2022
Performing FOSSIL @SOLO-Festivalen @Konstnärsklubben, Galleri 2, Uppsala.

29-30 October 2022
Performing live-sound composition to Adriana Cubides film-performance See-Through
@Weld, Stockholm.

20 October 2022
Performing FOSSIL @ EME Experimental Music Expo @ GAS Festival, Göteborg

14 October 2022
Release of the album RADIO TWO on SUPERPANG. Buy it here!
Susana Santos Silva- trumpet, me – electronics.

8-9 October 2022
Premiere of butoh performance Lineage -rottrådar@Fylkingen.
Composition commissioned by KAI-EN Butoh Company. More info see FB event.

15 September 2022
Sisterloops with VOICE NOISE @ Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, curated by Immaterielle Künst

August 2022
Work in progress- Opacities – for glass and crystal.
For solo percussion, commissioned by Magdalena Meitzner. Premiere TBA.

28 August 2022
Hidden Mother performs Öländsk Suite @ NYS – Ny Musik i Sörmland.

9-13 May 2022
Shapes of Sounds school workshop tour for Region Gotland.

14 January 2022
Hidden Mother performs ´Öländsk Suite´ in Grünewaldsalen at Stockholm Concert Hall.

30 October 2021
Shapes of Sounds audiovisual concert @ Arvika Ljus! Festival.

15 September – 15 October 2021
Shapes of Sounds School tour. Produced by Scenkonst Sörmland.

10-11 September 2021
Premiere of CRASH RIDE6, performative concert-installation with 60 cymbals by Sisterloops @Fylkingen.
With support from Musikverket, Region Stockholm and Helge Ax:son Johnsons Foundation.

25-27 August 2021
Stone Breath @Fylkingen
A collaboration with butoh dancer and choreographer KAI-EN and photographer Björn Ola Lind.
With support from Musikverket, Helge Ax:son Johnsons Foundation.
Facebook event

14 August 2021
Hidden Mother performs Öländsk Suite at Kalv festival.

26 July – 8 August
Sisterloops residency at Maschinenhaus, Essen. With support from Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Künststiftung NRW.

13-15 May 2021, 7-11 pm
Stone Breath – Audiovisual installation with live performances @Galleri Alaoui, Binnerbäck, Öland
@Öland Spirar. Collaboration project with butoh dancer and choreographer KAI-EN and artist and photographer Björn Ola Lind. With support from Musikverket, Helge Ax:son Johnsons Foundation.

1-5 September 2021
Solo performance of Öländsk Suite @ the Festival Nordic Music Days, Faroe Island

May 2020
Concert with Jordanian poet Hisham Bustani @Amman, Jordan

22 February 2020
Sisterloops live @Fylkingen with Ryosuke Kiyasu, FB event

21 September 2019
Premiere of the orchestral piece “Är jag den enda?” @Musikaliska, Stockholm.
Commissioned by Stockholm Wind Orchestra. A collaborative composition project by Konstmusiksystrar.

20 September 2019
Performance with Blue House Jazz Orchestra @ The Royal Concert Hall, Stockholm

13 September 2019
Performance @ CAMP Mountain Music Festival, Aulus-les-Bains, France (Cancelled)

7 September 2019
Performance with Shapes of Sounds @ ANTENN Festival