composer, sound artist, performer

Selected works


  • Opacities Composition for glass and crystal, commissioned by percussionist Magdalena Meitzner (work in progress)
  • FOSSIL Composition for limestone, sandstone and live-electronics, premiered at the festival GAS Art & Sounds, Göteborg.
  • See through Sound design and live-composition for dancer and performer Adriana Cubides, performances at WELD, Stockholm


  • CRASH RIDE6 A performative sound work for 60 broken cymbals, by SISTERLOOPS, premiered at Fylkingen.
  • Stone Breath Collaboration project with KAI-EN Butoh Company and visual artist Björn Ola Lind, Funded by Musikverket, premiered at Fylkingen.
  • See Through Composition and sound design for dance performance and film by dancer Adriana Cubides, performed at and funded by DOCH. (Stockholm University of the Arts)


  • CRASH RIDE Extended Composition for 18 amplified cymbals, by SISTERLOOPS, premiered at Fylkingen.
  • Mарш For snare drum and Max Msp. In collaboration with the percussionist Ulrik Nilsson, premiered at Fylkingen.
  • Lineage Composition for the dance performance Lineage, commissioned by KAI-EN Butoh Company.


  • Am I the only one? Composition for wind orchestra. Commissioned by Stockholm Wind Ensemble. Premiered at Musikaliska.
  • Three Nails, Four wounds Composition commissioned by the artist/writer Hector Meinhof. Book and CD released on Land Press, London.
  • Öländsk Suite Composition for limestone and sandstone. Commissioned by Samtida Musik, premiered by the percussion       duo Hidden Mother.


  • RADIO TWO – Chapter Two Composition and research project with the trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, funded by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
  • Les Pyrenées and Slate Compositions for slate and electronics, composed at residency at CAMP, Aulus les Bains, France. Performed at Kühlspot, Berlin and Galleri Index, Stockholm.
  • Shapes of Sounds Workshop Development of workshop in drawing sounds, together with the visual artist Jenny Soep. Funded by Musikverket.
  • Circles Audiovisual performance by SHAPES OF SOUNDS at the Festival Svensk Musikvår and at Gallery Detroit.
  • Gå hem nu för fan! Composition for voice and electronics. Premiered by SISTERLOOPS at the Festival Svensk Musikvår.


  • A Dreamstate Coreography Composition commissioned by choreographer Anna Lord. Performed at Fylkingen.
  • International Cultural Exchange Russia. Performances with SISTERLOOPS at NCCA (National Centre for Contemporary Art) Moscow, and Freud Dream Museum, St Petersburg. Funded by Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
  • Canon for Mimer Site specific composition for trumpet and electronics.Performed at Norbergfestival.
  • Brutalnesse Composition for Norrbotten Big Band. Performed with VJ Raquel Meyers at the Festivalen New Directions, Piteå.
  • CRASH RIDE for cymbals and knives, performed by SISTERLOOPS. Commissioned by and performed at Husby Konsthall.
  • International Cultural Exchange Brazil Collaborations and concerts with musicians and composers in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo and Bello Horizonte. Funded by Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


  • I require you to listen to me know – a google trash poem Composition for Google Translate and live-electronics.Performed at Liebig12, Berlin.
  • NoiseMyTxt, Composition for typewriter, commodore 64 and live-electronics. Performed by BRUTASLISTAS at HeK, (Haus der elektronischen Künste) Basel.
  • Harmon Composition for trumpet and live-electronics.Performed at Atalante, production by GEIGER.


  • Walking Praise Composition commissioned by the Great Learning Orchestra within the project ”Software for the people.”
  • Machete al Machote Composition for trumpet and live-electronics. Performed by BRUTASLISTAS (with visual artist Raquel Meyers) at Festival Vindöga.
  • RADIO TWO Composition and improvisation project with trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, performed at Fylkingen.
  • ZUNGENSTICH Collaboration and exchange project with visual artists and musicians from Berlin. Performed in Berlin at Ma Thilda and Labetto Lab.
  • Double Tounge Composition for trumpet and live-electronics. Performed at Kontrapunkt, Malmö,
  • Open – close Composition for marimba and Finnish kantele. Commissioned by percussionist Tomomi Fukagawa och Maija Kauhanen. Performed at Sonorium, Tokyo, production by Tonmakeriet.


  • Hell Them Bells Composition for 4jingle bells and live-electronics, 8 channels.Performed at Fylkingen.
  • Camelen Composition for the documentary film Camelen by director PeÅ Holmkvist.
  • Wild (Pussy) Cat, Hospis Composition for voice and live-electronics. Performed by SISTERLOOPS at Titwrench Festival.


  • Häst Häst Häst Composition and sound design for the theatre play by director Suzanne Osten, produced by Unga Klara.
  • Vagabunda EAM Composition of field recordings from Mexico. Composed at residency at VICC, Visby.
  • Who speaks and who makes noise? Compostition for fixed media, trumpet and live-electronics. Collaboration with stage artist Marie Gavois.


  • Aum Composition for Stockholm Saxophone quartet, fixed media and percussion. Commissioned by for Stockholm Saxophone quartet. Performed in Reaktorhallen, in a consert production with Tonmakeriet.
  • Flygräddare Composition and sound design for the theatre play by director Suzanne Osten, produced by Riksteatern.